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Last week, we had the privilege of working with a wonderful fashion accessories company in New York to assist them with their branding and strategic process, lending clarity to their efforts in navigating the waves of change in today's fashion industry.

With the information age, the jewelry industry has gone through seismic shifts; from how accessories are produced globally, to the available distribution channels to the end consumer. With our broad spectrum of work, we are in a fortunate position to have a deeper understanding of what is happening, and offer relevant recommendations when companies are making adjustments to change.  

By chance we found ourselves in the position of consulting; in the beginning, we just love to help others, so we look to offer advice to anyone who found it to be helpful (regardless if they wanted to hear it or not!), but as word of our effectiveness got around, it ended up being an integral part of what we did as a company.    

Most designers dive right into fashion with tremendous amount of passion
(same here!). It usually involves a great idea for a line, or a relentless pursuit for one's talent, but reality will eventually set in, and the daily grind of building a start-up soon becomes the biggest obstacle to the realization of these dreams. Over the years, we have seen great design talent come and go on the scene, not because their products weren't good enough, but as designers (and retailers), we all have customers to tend to, and they will make the ultimate decision whether we can continue doing what we love to do or not. For most, it is really all about understanding who support their products, and how to better serve them, this is where we come in to support.    

With every one of our consulting clients, regardless of their size, we always start with an intensive discovery session to formulate who they are, and what they want to achieve. It is an analytical approach from all aspects of the business of fashion to grasp the company's past, present and future. This process can be quite intimidating, because it is a personal and team oriented journey (we would know because we practice what we preach!). What is fascinating however, regardless how diluted the process begins, the team responsible for the brand would always end up with the answers for themselves. It is not too different from asking for relationship advice; so long as someone is willing to listen, and ask the right questions, you probably already know what you need to do, it is just a matter of getting yourself to come to grips with it with a set of systematic deduction.

As always we really enjoy working with people who have tremendous dedication to what they do, and our best reward as always, is the feeling that we made a difference to their organization, by instilling the belief in themselves.