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Of pen and paper


Of pen and paper

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A lot of people ask us when they first got to know our brand - 'How come you don't have a better website? Something that is representative of your wonderful jewelry?'

Carving a small space for ourselves online has always been in the forefront of our thoughts; a place where we can connect with those who have came to learn and appreciate what we do, and a place to convey statements beyond the physicality of our designs.

In spite of our deep inert conscious drive to do so, reality has its way to chip away at our time and energy - Throughout the rapid ascend as a brand and company, with or without our awareness, we were propelled to be the best at what we do, work with the best companies out there, and seemingly fulfill a destiny that so many of us in fashion have fought and strive for.

The fact was, it was not a simple journey we had a blueprint for, nor had much guidance over. Most of the times, we stumbled, only to picked ourselves back up again, and stumble once more; dwelling on an endless string of trials and errors that brought us to where we are today. 

Having worked with the most esteem of clients, physical and digital, we have achieved what we thought we wanted, only to find ourselves scathed, with pieces of ourselves lost along the way. It would seem that we were complete externally, but inside, we were fractured and unbalanced. 

What happened was, along with our growth, we invariably were pushed to excel, not in terms of what we did with designs, but the efficiencies of how we did it. Things we used to care deeply about, details we used to fight over amongst ourselves; one shade of plating here, one more stab at a design revisions there, were gradually replaced with speed, timeliness, and cost considerations.

There is a difference between being happy with what we do, and being in love with what we do. It is our hope that, by carving out a space for ourselves here, it will be the first step to reconnect with our love for jewelry once more. 

The love comes from going back to our beginnings, to what made Adia Kibur special to you in the first place. It is about regaining all the things we used to believe in, and be the champion and critic of our own works again.

Awhile back we realized we hardly sketch with pen and paper anymore; everything that used to be the norm have withered away with the influx of technology. Designing has somehow became something we did on a work desk, as oppose to the cafe table. It is time for us to pick up the pen and notepad again, with nothing on our minds but design, and create the best possible works that are worthy of the heritage and brand of Adia Kibur.

Re-branding ourselves means we take a breather, regroup our focus, and move forward once more. It is a complete new beginning built upon inspired traditions.

A special thanks to all of those who have helped us to re-examine who we are, and who we should become. In addition, thank you, our most valued patron, for your continuing dedication and support to make our statements, yours'.