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Poshmark - Frequently Asked Questions

For additional queries specific to Poshmark, please do not hesitate to reach us -


Q: Is Your jewelry nickel free? Lead safe? Cadmium safe?

A: At the moment, jewelry sold in the US are not required to be nickel free in terms of regulations, but we target our production to be nickel free. In terms of lead and cadmium levels, we strictly adhere to California Proposition 65 Regulations for lead and cadmium safe levels. 

Q: What type of plating is your gold plating?

A: Our plating process is of the highest quality electroplating process. What this means it's neither an 18K nor a 14K plating unless specified. While our standard gold plating has percentages of gold, but primarily it is a chemical process.

Q: Does your plating tarnish easily?

A: The short answer is no, we take great pride in the quality of our plating in relation to the rest of the industry. Plating, however, is a chemically produced layer, so while we plate it thicker than most to improve resistance to wear and tear, but eventually, all plating will wear pending on moisture exposure and consistencies in abrasion. 

Q: Can you put a style on hold for me?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to hold products at the moment, all styles are first come first served basis.

Q: Can you make a special listing for me by bundling?

A: We are unable to service specific bundling needs.

Q: Are the pictures of actual products?

A: Yes, absolutely, we tend to believe it's probably harder to Photoshop a product than it is to actually make it! 

Q: Do you have more of a particular style in stock?

A: We have a steady inventory of styles we upload to Poshmark. When our Poshmark styles are sold, we typically will try to relist it if we have stock available.

Q: When will you get more of a particular style in stock?

If you don't see the product listed, it's most likely out of stock.

Q: Are there other colors available?

A: Unless you see if on our listing, there are no other colors available.